Mother's greatest gift to man. Ascension is a holy state that allows one to transcend their limited, mortal boundaries. Through ascension, one has the ability to tap into the space between Reality and Fantasy, drawing out the dormant powers of existence itself. Only through ascension may one gain full knowledge of the parallelos and travel between them.

Ascension requires careful preparation in the form of intense studies of Father's teachings and a devout following of Mother. The process of ascension involves the precise passing of one's essence from their physical body to the above parallelos. This requires a specific set of conditions that must be met in order for a successful ascension to take place. Because of the complex nature of this process, an elder child must be present at every ascension.

However, above all else, the most important component of any ascension is the participant's faith in Mother. Only through Father's teachings can one hope to fully embrace Mother's gift and become one of her holy warriors in the parallelos above. Below are four different classifications of ascension defined by Father.