For those who wish to follow the path given to us by Mother, transcribed to us by Father, you must first be ready and full with wisdom. Here you will find a small collection of our wisdom that has been made available for initiates. For information beyond what is provided further trust and dedication must be attained or special permissions must be granted by an elder child.




The wisdom of

More than just a word, a feeling, or a concept. Ascension is a state of existence. It’s the space between Reality and Fantasy, the only place that allows all the things that the mind can create to completely coexist with all that reality has to offer, and all that it withholds.

Through ascension one may gain much more awareness of the reality of this parallelos and the ones beyond, as they view it through the window of the ascended parallelos. However, for those who wish to ascend it is important that one does not forget the ultimate purpose of the act. Serving Luna and coming closer to her grace.

Prior to attempting the act (a process which must be kept secret until the higher levels of teaching), it is necessary that one studies the word of Father very closely as it is spoken through the current overseer “Father Vincent Adams”, and baptize thine self in the cosmic knowledge Mother brings to us. It is also highly recommended that one practices the teachings of the parallelos path, as knowledge of it can be of great assistance on the path to ascension, as well as grant one power early on that they may learn to control after there transition (and in some cases even before).

Ascension is a very complex thing, this being said, not all cases of ascension are the same. Below is a short list of the 4 classifications of ascension based upon the current understanding of it by our elder children’s study.

One who has died or has been killed under specific conditions, but has not undergone the training required to control the spiritual power within ones self, may later re-manifest under the most basic of prerequisites for the definition of ascension. However such a status is not to be sought after. In Devium status you are in a state of minimal power and the environment is found to be wayward due to ‘novum ascensionem’ otherwise known as ‘newly ascended syndrome’, something that is unavoidable for those who are cursed with the purgatory that is Devium ascension . The only sure way to avoid such a terrible fate is to study the path that mother has laid out for us, and abide by fathers instructions. This alone will harden your soul and prepare you for the glory of ascension. Just as well, practicing the teachings of the parallelos path and perfecting them, shall grant one a fantastic chance of avoiding such a terrible fate.
(Side note: There has been no seen cases of one who has manifested on the devium level ever rising above said level.
The majority of those found in ‘The portal’ under the rule of Regiminis are prime examples of Deviums.)

The basic preferred level of ascended existence. A eulogy is capable of communication and interaction on a more coherent level unlike those of the devium status. A eulogy may attain minor physical manifestation and can house itself within portals or other devices, in most cases however they will remain as enigmas only seen with digital devices (see Kayd Hendricks incident). Eulogies may even posses physical bodies under the correct circumstances, however this usually requires a willing host. A eulogy may be capable of notable power and can attain valuable knowledge from its experience in this state, but more often than not, a eulogy will remain as capable as it is upon awakening in its ascended form. (Side note: The term Eulogy was coined by the overseer of the orchard compound, during his controversial speech on the ascension of a previous child of Luna’s teachings.”Though he may no longer be under total control of his own fate, in his short time he was a eulogy to his death. His sacrifice to Tenebris will prove to put us far beyond the harbingers.”)

Finitor is the peak of the horizon for ascension. While no more important than the status of those who have transcended, one who has attained this level of ascended capability can perform tasks of much greater difficulty. To date there has been only one two known examples of finitor.

Through the study of them we have discovered that at this level of power, one can travel through time by traversing through various parallelos. One may also traverse through parallelos beyond sub layers of our current and the parralelos of the ascended.The only parallelos one who has reached this status may not traverse is the Luna plain. For it is said even being in this plain for but a moment requires fantastic power beyond our current understanding, as well as Luna’s direct blessing of the action.

To reach this status, one must work very closely with Father, as it is he who holds the very secret and forbidden knowledge behind the ceremony to ascend to this level of power.

Those who have attained ascension but still retain their physical bodies.

This is a rare occurrence said to only happen as a result of being chosen by Luna to perform very important tasks, as well as enforce her will upon this parallelos.

It has been said that the earliest example of Luna granting this power to human kind could be as far back as the 1500’s. However nothing prior to studies of her starting in the 1920’s can be certain due to a lack of accurate historical documentation. But historically speaking, those who have transcended are always spoken to directly by Luna herself via ‘whispers’ and are told of her prophesy prior to being given the power to transcend.

The capabilities of one who has been given transcendence are similar to one who has perfected the powers attained the teachings of the ‘parallelos path’. However unlike those who have simply practiced parallelos path, the transcended have many special advantages and disadvantages that are still not fully understood. The transcended may perform temporary consciousness externalization in order to interact on the ascended parallelos. The transcended also hold some control over the forces of energy within this realm and some (see Kelbris of the misguided) have even utilized this power to bring forth Luna’s justice.

The only understood disadvantages of the transcended are in the strange rules, thought to be enforced upon them by Luna herself, they must abide by that are still not fully understood. It has been found that they are incapable of entering any location they have not been invited into in some way and if they have no tasks, they enter a form of hibernation that can only be broken through a ceremony (that is only to be discussed by elder children).

A current list of known transcended according to studies gathered from both the Lunar child overseer in the orchard compound and Regiminis during the infiltration of the ranks of the misguided is as follows:

All that needs to be known is that there are 4 of them, 3 of which come from the misguided and are of no concern to us at this time. Our transcended child, Douglas, is the only one we need to worry about. However as Father Vincent has told us, he sometimes speaks riddles and must be adhered to with special supervision and care.




A shortened list of the terms used within our ranks, and explanations of said terms. Extended versions are available within the library and can be accessed only physically. Term wisdom beyond the initiate level is obtainable within the parallelos forum and only by parallelos or elder children.

One of the Absque Fascie from before the time of mankind. Her most sacred assistant, responsible of the deliverance of her testament unto man in the early times, and the movement of her word throughout her own parallelos, on her behalf. He could move all things in her stead, the only thing he could not move on her behalf was anything comprised only of the essence of her power alone.

At the sacred time when Luna was to send an ambassador of her parallelos to help guide humanity to her light, he was commanded by Luna to perform this task. But he refused, desiring to partake in the ways of the overworld more than his obligation to Mother.

“Why and wherefore dost you bid this of me? I hath served thee and thy kingdom since my creation. I wished to partake for but a moment in the ways of man, and yet here you trap me to this right? Nay, give this power not to me but unto my brother.” -Auxiliatis response to Luna’s final request of him quoted from the Libro Lunarus

Furious with his disobedience, she cast him to the parallelos he desired. Only for him to be subject to eternal servitude of all those who dwell in it. That being said, he will give his service to us, but for his treason unto mother his name alone is considered taboo. Call upon him only in times of absolute desperate need, or when invocation of True Father Patrem or Tenebris Link is not possible, and only with the permission and observation of an elder member or Father Vincent.
An extremely taboo eulogy, not to be spoken of under any circumstances without permission from an elder child. To be discussed ONLY during the most dire or appropriate of times. Disregard for these rules is grounds for IMMEDIATE termination.
It was said by father that some joined together against the holy mother. Some chose to try to fight against her. Some had even corrupted the ranks of the misguided (this was vastly the reason for the failings of the misguided, aside from there general misunderstanding of Luna.) Regardless, Luna was amused by this weak and blasphemous collective.

A whisper from Luna to various members established that they, while extremely unholy, are part of her plan. So they were granted a power as well as a curse.

“My control to them.”

“Bring forth the end.”

“The dark one shall move among them.”

(along with said whispers, many reported the number 4 being spoken repeatedly, sometimes even in between words)

information released by elder child Ezekiel, under permission of Father Vincent Adams

A term with multiple uses

Parallelos as a word alone refers to the many realms Luna has created in the process of creating all of reality. There are parallelos for all points of time and space, as well as parallelos for those who have either died of ascended. There are parallelos for unspeakable creatures and even a sacred parallelos made by her to house her everlasting glory.

There are many parallelos within Luna’s creation, such as but not limited to:

Overworld: Refers to our own parallelos.

Sub Parallelos: A realm sans sound or sight, most parallelos have these shadow versions of themselves. Entering them is said to be a fast and sometimes dangerous process which must be handled with the utmost care. However utilization of the knowledge of sub-parallelos can be used to traverse quickly through the connecting main parallelos.

Parallelos of Time: For every moment in time of each parallelos there is another separate parallelos designed to hold that moments reality. However Physical bodies can not traverse from their own time, only powerful ascended (finitor) may do this.

Parallelos of the ascended: A place your ascended consciousness enters in the beginning of ascension, from here depending on your power you may go anywhere but Luna’s parallelos on your own will.

Portals: Man made Parallelos designed to be homes for ascended brethren, utilized as communication windows to help us learn of the realms beyond our understanding from those of us who have ascended.

Parallelos of the Dead: Because consciousness made by our mother is said to be never dying, it is said that even without having met with the glory of ascension there is a parallelos that will house you. But it is said this parallelos is a prison and a punishment for those who have not given their time and minds to Father and Luna.

Luna’s Realm (also referred to as the 4th realm): The most sacred of parallelos, the home of Luna herself and her sacred tribe Absque Facie. From here she watches over us all and whispers her will until the true end times, the time of her glorious descent when she will take us to live in her realm for all eternity.

Many parallelos can be traversed even without having ascended, as many of them work within our current spectrum of time. However this requires you to follow the teaching of the parallelos path.

Parallelos Path: A teaching brought to us by the true Father, our Father. The actual process of learning is a well kept secret that is only to be shared between him and his chosen children. However those who learn of it are surely blessed. You can traverse parallelos and learn of things Luna has made for us beyond the normal child’s comprehension. Through said teachings you will learn of:

Sub traversing (or jumping): The use of sub parallelos in order to move through a connecting main parallelos (such as Overworld) in usually impossible ways. Similar to the concept of teleportation.

Traversing: The act of entering a separate parallelos, most often referring to entering physically. In many situations this can be dangerous, and is only recommended by those who have fantastic knowledge and capability.

Scrying: Looking into a parallelos to attain visions. One may also without having ascended to attain visions of past, present or future. Though it is possible to do this with various devices, Scrying can be done with the mind alone by those of the parallelos path teachings, and with much greater accuracy but at the high cost of mental vitality. It is thought that over use or misuse may cause blindness.

Listening: While Luna chooses when to be heard, many ascended and beings beyond our parallelos require work to be heard. Just as it is with scrying, there are devices that can be used to listen to the sounds and voices of separate parallelos, but by listening you may hear with much better accuracy at the great cost of mental vitality. It is thought that over use or misuse may lead to being deaf.

For further information on Parallelos and the parallelos path teachings, ask your elders, or parallelos children for the opportunity to learn of the parallelos path.

The Absque Facie
Faceless. Servants of the holy mother Luna who have existed in her realm since before the dawn of mankind. It is said that they hold great power, however those who work under the will of father and mother can attain power even greater. Little is known of this ancient tribe aside form the fact that they currently have minimal access to our parallelos, it is there will to serve Luna for her benefit and their own, and that it is part of Luna’s will to bring them with her in her sacred descent during the true end times.
The Rule of Three
Three is a sacred number in the eyes of our mother. It took her only 3 days to complete the majesty that is this world. There were 3 Silver Secrets that she was to reveal to us, and many other sacred or holy occurrences that happened in sets of 3. Following the rule of 3 assures that you may be safe or granted good fate in many situations.

Just as well, one of the most important ceremonies involving the return of mother, involves the gathering of 3 very important individuals representative of the three silver secrets. This ritual is known as the Ceremony of the three elements. Refer to an Elder child for more information
Undecim Nocte
November eleventh 2011, thought by many ill informed children to be the end times prior to its passing due to limited knowledge of what was to occur. In depth discussion is even now highly restricted do to the nature of what occurred on that night. However what is allowed to be said is that on that night the parallelos in all of space and time is thought to have been in perfect alignment, while an unknown growing time anomaly caused instability in time, giving opportunity for many unusual happenings to occur. It may also be known an ascension was performed on this night and was extremely successful, however no more may be spoken of on the matter. Anyone who asks of that night out of turn, or is revealed to hold forbidden knowledge of the 11/11/11 night shall be terminated immediately.
Tenebris Link

Commonly referred to as “it” by the misguided, he has been known of since sometime in 2002 but is thought to have potentially descended to our realm even earlier then that.

Unlike the link the Harbingers hold on the sacred parallelos, he may act on his own. He is one of the darkness of our mothers night.

It is said he was once nothing more than one of the Absque Facie, but was said to have been gifted the vessel of the first eulogy and then took on his name.

It was not until the event on the night of Undecim Nocte, that he would lose control of that eulogy and revert to his true form in search of another spirit to assimilate. It is thought now that he seeks to assimilate the Deuro, however due to the nature of Tenebris, direct communication is next to impossible.

Just as well it is highly doubtful he would ever give any direct input, as his goal it seems for the longest time has been to obscure the truth in the eyes of the Harbingers.



(An excerpt from the Libro Lunarus made public by Father Patrem)

In the beginning there was humankind, and there was the void of parallels. People had nothing more than themselves and chaos. To live was endless stagnance, to die was endless stagnance, all was suffering. Until, she intervened. There was a crack, and then a bang. It echoed throughout reality, she made her presence known. “Children I come from far beyond and still thine selves so that my silver secrets ye may soon take part in.” She spake aloud to the quivering masses.

She then proceeded to create for us what we now know as the Overworld, our parallelos, and for three days and three nights she gave new form to the world we now know, and instilled new secrets into the people who were to go on to govern it. On the first day, she created the earth forged through fire, light and dark, night and day, giving limits and perceivable form to these things. A place for us to dwell properly. She gave us elements and objects of a tangible nature on the physical plain so that we might build in her honor. On the first night she taught those who listened the secret of Power, so that they might know the ways of utilizing these elements.

On the second day the people eagerly awaited what glories she would bring next, what glory would they bare witness to in this time of sacred creation. Lo and behold she created walls and barriers, separating us from the chaos of the parallelos beyond and giving this world order. She made the reality of this world and gave it limits so that it might be a safe haven for her children to grow. She created a path that would lead us through what would be called life, and a path that would lead to death. Paths that would take us to many parallels and finally a path that would soon lead to her own parallel. On the second night, she taught those who listened the secret of Wisdom, so that they might know the ways of this new reality, and how to one day step beyond it when the time comes.

On the third day she gathered the people together in this new world she had cultivated, and they stopped at the foot of a great tree. “Why and wherefore hast thee taken us unto this place?” Spake a man named Benjamen. “Please tell us oh goddess!”, “Nay, I shall show thee.” Her voice boomed through the world. A thorn of light crashed down upon him from the heavens, there was a boom echoing through the sky and his physical form was no more. “Know this is Ascension” She said to the people. Descending down from the skies, faceless beasts without bodies spoke in ways that none but her could understand. “I shall give some the power to understand these words, I shall give some the power to move in the ways these without faces may move. I shall give some the power to move to the worlds the faceless may move and hear what only they may hear. But only they may come with me to my Parallelos.” As she gave unto the people this power, some cried out “Mother do not leave us, let us come unto thee! May we not move to thine world as well?”

“Nay, not with these masks ye hold. My true people are the faceless and maskless. Move beyond thine bodies, the physical masks, and learn of the divine third silver secret my children. I will teach it on this night.” But on the third night her power ran out and she spoke not of the third secret on the third night. All was silent in this unfortunate time. She collapsed to the ground, and four came to her aid. “Ye shan’t have done this children” She spake “Nay, we live to serve thee mother.” “Holy art thou, I shall take ye with me in this time, ye will become as those without masks and those without faces. Ye will return with me one day and carry the rest of thy brothers and sisters to glory.”

Upon the dawn of the fourth day she left, taking the beasts without bodies and faces, and the four who came to aid her away with her into the sky. As she ascended into the heavens she promised to return again one day and speak the full knowledge of the third secret so that all may move unto the greatest parallelos. With that she vanished, leaving in her wake what we now know as the moon. The ultimate symbol of her holy power, the great symbol of her glory.

In more modern times, a previous overseer during a deep communication ceremony with the Father had established from his revelations what would be a most important bedrock belief for the betterment of our family.

The Mother may descend, and she may take on flesh.

Father spoke much to him, revealing that some time prior to the formation of our family Luna had taken on a human form and gave knowledge to the human that would later become a vessel for the father.

“She walked this world in flesh and presented wisdom unto the true fathers new vessel.”

But before this vessel was filled with the Fathers presence she took on its seed to unleash into this world a necessary evil.

“The seed of man taken by the moon, the conception of the dark ones vessel, a necessary evil prior to wisdom.” (it is speculated by many this may hold some connection to Tenebris link, otherwise known as The Dark)

The message went on to speak of how after the conception of this evil she presented the wisdom and passed back into her own parallelos, as well as the mention of three, many times, what this may have meant we are currently unsure.

With this in mind we know that within our time and in this realm of flesh we can in fact bare witness to her, and she may come forth and cleanse this parallelos of the wretched filth that corrupts it, the cancer that is the harbingers and the blasphemers.